Gossip Girl Season 1. A look back.

We saw the best of times (Georgina wrecking havoc on everyone’s live, Blair getting wild at Vitrola, limo sex, Mean Girls and headbands) and the worst of times (Anything from Brooklyn invading the Upper East Side, Lily having to be a parent once or twice, Nate’s father Captain Not a Very Good Person pretending his drugs were Nate’s, committing fraud and embezzlement and a bunch of other boring crimes, then skipping town).

The pilot showed Serena returning from a mysterious trip to boarding school after Eric attempted suicide (later assumed to be his inability to deal with being gay, but as the show glossed over this plot point, we just have to make an ass out of u and me about it). We later find out it was not because she took her best friend’s boyfriend’s virginity but because later that evening, she unknowingly made a snuff film. Had she not told Pete to do another line of coke because she wasn’t feeling sex with him, perhaps Pete would be alive today!

Dan kept running into Serena, the two dated, which made Lily choose Daddy Warbass ($$$$) over ex-rocker Rufus. Serena took his virginity.

Blair and Nate had problems, so she lost her virginity to Chuck in the back of a limo, then faked losing her virginity to Nate later on in the same week. This is what Justin Bieber meant when he wrote “Eenie Meanie Miney Lover”, I’m sure. Later, Chuck realized he loved Blair about the same time he realized he wasn’t grown up to be the man Blair needs. So he stood her up on a trip to Tuscany.

Georgina came to town, outed Eric, ruined Serena’s life and got shipped to boot camp, thanks to Blair.

Vanessa did a bunch of nothing important.

Jenny tried her best to fit into Blair’s world and even challenged her to the Queen Bee throne, but later realized that the Mean Girls were called Mean Girls not because they went to quilting bees but because they were bitches. Let’s hope Rufus keeps her grounded a while longer.

Lily married Chuck’s father. Rufus is supposedly getting a divorce from Mama Humphrey, but they haven’t mentioned this plot point in a while so we can’t be too sure.

Everyone tried to dress fabulously, but a lot of times, they became Fashion Victims (especially if they resided in Brooklyn.)

What’s in store for Season 2? A super convoluted storyline the second half of the season that I am going to have to make sense of to write about, a Cruel Intentions rip off that is oh-so-awesome, more fashion, more fashion DON’TS from the Brooklyn Crew and enough drama to keep the show alive until Season 6. I forget most of the first half of the season but I know of a few things I’m looking forward to seeing again. It also has one of my fave episodes of any show, “Seder Anything”, which…well, in about 17 weeks or so we’ll know why!

And now I shall leave with my top 5 scenes from Season 1. If you haven’t noticed, Georgina might be my fave character. Join us next week with the Season 2 premiere! It’s a very special episode that is shot on-location in THE HAMPTONS oooooooooooh.

Number 5. Haven’t you heard? I’m the crazy bitch around here. Episode 1×18

Number 4. Georgina outs Eric. Episode 1×16.

Number 3. I’m Chuck Bass. 1×17

Number 2. Blair has moves at Vitrola. This changes EVERYTHING. Episode 1×07.

Number 1. I killed someone. Episode 1×16.

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