Season 2 in Review

It was the season that never wanted to end with 25 episodes. Most of it was great stuff, but there were the two giant cow patties dropped called “Valley Girls” and “The Grandfather”.

Chuck and Blair nearly got together and blew it and finally ended up together after she took a detour with Nate and he took a detour in Brooklyn (Vanessa. Ew).

Dan and Serena broke up and reunited several times but ended up both single. Serena dabbled with Aaron Rose, the most boring hipster player ever, before running off to Spain and not knowing if she was married or not to Gabriel, who stole everyone’s money. Dan slept with Serena’s teacher Miss Carr and drove her back to Iowa.

Jenny inherited Queen Bee from Blair. Yes, OMG WTF (and NOT watch this fall!)

Nate’s father is off in jail, I think, and Grandpa Vanderbilt wants Nate to settle in with the family name. Yawns all around. He took off backpacking with Vanessa. More yawns.

Lily drank a lot of wine and had husband number 4, Daddy WarBass, die on her. She inherited his millions and is running Bass industry until Chuck takes it over one day. Lily and Rufus are now engaged, and they have a secret love child out there! Oh, a presumed dead secret love child!

Georgina returned a new convert to Christianity, but when Poppy Lifton stole her Bible Money, the real Georgina returned. We’re still waiting to see Blair’s conversation with Jesus informing Him that yes, “the bitch is back.”

What a season! Here are the five best moments, along with an awesome parody video. What will season 3 have in store for us? Spoiler alerts! 1. A gay kiss 2. A threesome 3. Lady Gaga

You’ve been warned!

Best Moments, not in any order:

1. Georgina leaves a message for Jesus, and Serena is arrested.

2. Dan is a cater waiter at a seder, and Serena doesn’t know if she’s married!

3. Chuck and Blair. Finally.

4. Georgina is back…and a Christian!

5. Blair and Serena fight!

6. Three words, eight letters.

7. Blair dreams once…

8. Blair dreams again.

And a bonus parody video that is just too funny NOT to share.

With that, my friends, I’m afraid I have to announce I’m taking a bit of a hiatus. Unlike (SPOILER ALERT) Gossip Girl in Season 5, I’m not going to pass it around beteween 29383 people for the break. I hope to be back this summer when I’ll have more time to dedicate to the site and reliving six years of my life…that left me scarred.

Until next time, you know you love me XOXO

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