Enough About Eve. Episode 3×06.

Gossip Girl here. Last week, Rufus and Lily got married and their secret love child went back to Boston, never to be mentioned again. The Buckleys took off with Carter, presumably to beat him up. And Dan’s new actress girlfriend played by Hilary Duff took off to Japan and was off screen. Also, Georgina met a Belarussian prince…and took off with him.

Will this be the week of the promised threesome? How long do we have to wait for it?


vlcsnap-2015-05-10-14h57m31s192 vlcsnap-2015-05-10-14h57m42s50 Of Vanessa ABRAMS.


Talk about your NIGHTMARE. That award was meant for Blair! It’s only a nightmare though. read more

The Grandfather. Episode 2×19.

Miss Carr headed back to Iowa after sending everyone’s business to Gossip Girl, Nelly took Blair’s seat at Yale and the senior class play was The Age of Innocence. Also, for having a gay brother, Serena is lacking in the gaydar department. Chuck realized his heart wanted Blair just around the time she’s about to go home with Carter Baizen.What’s next for these crazy kids?


From the title, I’m going to have to plead with the writers that it’s Jenny who makes Rufus a grandfather and not Dan, as I can’t deal with a Serena or Miss Carr pregnancy storyline. read more

New Haven Can Wait. Episode 2×06.

Jenny needs to be grounded for life after quitting school to work for Eleanor behind her daddy’s back, Blair and Serena need a time out to discuss who is insecure and who is conceited, and Lily needs a drink. Let’s find out what’s in store this week.


Uh oh, the recaps mentioned Captain I, Like the Writers, Forgot About This Plot Point. They must have remembered. Is he escaping jail?

It’s Blairiza Doolitle, practicing “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain” (which is a huge lie. The rain in Spain stays mainly in the north where there is no plain.) However, Blair can’t get the Cockney out of her Upper East Side Accent, and Serena can say it perfectly! read more

Never Been Marcused. Episode 2×02

Three words, eight letters and I’m yours. Last week, Blair said those words to Chuck. I wonder what those three words could be. I am gay is only six and just doesn’t make sense for Blair to *want* to hear those words. I like boys is 9. I do anal is 7. This is a hard game for Chuck. No wonder he allowed Blair to take off with Lord of Boring whose name I have already forgotten. Lord of Boring is good enough for me. Where does the show go from here? (Yes, I know Blair meant “I love you” but allowing Chuck to say it so early in the second season would mean tons less angst for these two, and their angst is part of why they work. I mean, they are teenagers, even if they drink like Lily most episodes.) read more

Summer, Kind of Wonderful Episode 2×01.

Aw, shucks. Gossip Girl missed yet another opportunity for a cross over with The O.C. Summer Roberts *is* kind of wonderful. I digress.

Ahhhhh, season 2 of Gossip Girl. I have hazy, funny, warm, good memories about this season, but I’m scared to revisit it. Sometimes when you revisit the past, it’s not as good as you remember it.  I do wonder how many men Serena slept with this summer and what Blair will do to exact revenge on Chuck for leaving her stranded at the helipad. It must have been a summer for our favourite characters. read more

Blair Bitch Project. Episode 1×14

Now this is an interesting title I can live with. We’re also starting the last string of episodes of the first season, the episodes post-strike. There is a noted difference in the tone and feel of the episodes if I remember correctly, and as I’ve said before, these are some of the best episodes of the entire series.

We left off with Blair having just been dumped by Nate and Chuck and Gossip Girl had posted the news that Blair had slept with the bros from different hoes for the world to see (thanks to Jenny telling Nate and Chuck sending the tip to Gossip Girl), Rufus boring us greatly, and Serena still was only in love with Dan. Where do we go from here? read more

Roman Holiday. Episode 1×11.

Are we going to Rome? Could that be what the episode name refers to? That’d be a great episode. Instead, it’s probably a lame Christmas episode. At least we have an Audrey Hepburn reference for Miss Blair.

Where is Chuck Bass? My guess, a brothel. I hope it’s not the one Serena called boarding school.


It’s a bizarre bazaar at the private schools on the Upper East Side just in time for Christmas! Here’s a good question. This is the 11th episode about a group of high schoolers on the Upper East Side. I think we have seen them maybe twice at school in these 11 episodes. The College Week episode, Episode 3 was the one episode that took place at school. The show was constantly criticized for all the underage drinking. However, no one ever thought to criticize them for the truancy. Granted, the show would be pretty damn boring if it showed them in class, but at least we saw Harbour from time to time on The O.C. read more

The Wild Brunch. Episode 1×02

The second episode opens with a quick recap of what happened in the pilot. Serena returned from boarding school without buying souvenirs for any of her friends (Blair really wanted a vibrator to prepare herself for Nate and his wooden acting). Nate was worried S. had brought him back chlamydia.

Dan was cool with the lack of gifts as S. didn’t know him, so S. agreed to go out on a date! And Chuck tried to violate Little J. After the 2:20 minute recap, Gossip Girl says we’re just dying to see what happens next. read more